J U L I A N A Go!


J. When I get older i want to be a museum curator… preferable somewhere in the east.

U. Right now I want to be in indiana with a very lovely guy playing mario kart and building blanket forts and having awesome adventures… :)

L. my face lol

I. I only have my ears peirced, but I really want a tattoo that says “let love grow”

A. It ended because well…. he lied all the time, he cheated on me, he made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for anything. It got to the point to where i would hurt myself, until I realized that I wasn’t the problem, he was. so I left him and it was the greatest thing i’ve ever done.

N. Target.. target is lovely

can I do Go too?? I’m gonna do Go hehe

G. I am straight

O. I have brown eyes